California Sighthound Gear
The Quality and Value is in the Details
Coursing Needs
A set of Jackets are needed for Lure Coursing. One Yellow, One Pink, One Blue. I offer several styles.
A Release Collar is needed.  I offer release collars made of Webbing with Trim and padded Backing

Coursing Jackets - Select Cotton or Silkie. Jacket has elactic velcro closer. You can request buckel or ties Buy Now 
Mussel Jackets - Select Cotton or Spandex. Buy Now. 
Release Collars are 2" wide, with an attached leash four (4) feet long.  There is a loop to insert your hand into.  Note the width of the trim.  Trim is Centered along the webbing.  Go to Trim page and note the code. Go to the Webbing & Backing and note the selection.  Buy Now.

Vynil Muzzel - An option for Lure Coursing. Buy Now. 

Reversable Lure Coursing and Racing Jackets - Coursing on one side and Racing on the other.  Buy Now.

Cool Coats - Select Trim color and Size.  Buy Now
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