California Sighthound Gear
The Quality and Value is in the Details

 Racing Needs
Racing Jackets meet the requirments of WRA, NAWRA, LGRA, and NOTRA.  Whippets have a set of 6 colors, all other breeds have sets of 4 colors.
I offer Cotton or Silkies with velcro elastic closer. I also offer Buckel or Tie closers.

Racing Jacket set - Whippets require 6 Jackets, other breeds need 4 Jackets.  Select Cotton or Silkies.  Buy Now.

Vynil Muzzel.  Buy Now.

Martingate are one and a half (1 1/2) inches wide.  Note the width of the 2" trim will not fit on the martingale.  If you select 2" trim the martingale well be adjusted to the smaller hardware. Go to the Trim, Webbing and Backing page take note of the code of Trim, Webbing, and Backing. 

Racing Jackets - Racing numbers and colors on two or three Jackets.  Can be used if you only have one dog.  Buy Now.

Reversable Racing and Coursing Jackets - Racing colors on one side, Lure Coursing on the other side.  Select Cotton or Silkie.  The closer is of elastic and velcro.  I also offer Buckel or Tie colser.  Buy Now.
Cool Coats - Select Trim Color and Size.  
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